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Go faster
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Entrepreneurship is a marathon. Our mentors and experts support you to allow you remain efficient over time.

Rise Partners

All the support to succeed

Experienced professionals at your disposal, included in the Scale program, for a controlled and serene hyper-growth.

Executive and financial partner

Experienced in business development and motivated by transmission, the executive mentor will follow you every week. The joint choice of mentor will be made to best suit your needs and your personality.

Digital and technological partner

Our team and our network of partners help you orient your marketing, digital and technological strategy with a strong focus on your objectives.

Coach and mindset

You are running a marathon, not a sprint! A monthly meeting with your coach to advise you on the delicate management of the balance between private and professional life, to hold up over time as a manager.

A la carte program

Rise Partners also offers you to make an additional focus in punch mode, depending on your news, on a few key subjects.

Option: Financial Strategy Consulting

Take control of your finances

The longevity and success of your business will depend on your ability to successfully negotiate the financial shift. Rise Partners supports you on 4 key points.

  • StrategyWe assist you in the devlopment of your financial strategy to consolidate the foundations of your growth and anticipate your financing needs.
  • Funding

    Your most ambitious projects require the support of investors.

    Let's succeed in your fundraising, let's optimize your financing by using non-dilutive funding!

  • Financial engineeringWe define together the metrics to be implemented to sustain the activity and combine dilutive and non-dilutive financing.
  • Network of funding partnersObtaining funds also means knowing how to negotiate. You will learn how to highlight your project. You will meet a network of benevolent and active funders made up of funds, business angels and family offices.
Option : Training for business founders

Focus on leadership

We are not born leaders, we become one. With our training, discover how to set up a strategy that generates support and allows you to reach your goals.

Rise Partners - Scale program
  • A well-crafted business planLearn how to model your BP, forecast accurately, assess the risks, format it and sell it to your future partners.
  • Success without bordersEach country has its own market and culture. Master these nuances, find local partners and allocate the right resources.
  • Pitch to convinceYou often have a few minutes to build trust and convince other people to follow you. Learn how to formulate the right words.
  • Create enthusiasmEntrepreneurship means orchestrating people. Develop this quality to create commitment and motivation around you.
Rise Partners Scale program
Option : Shared executive

Make your daily life easier

We provide you with experienced mentors on a part-time basis, in four major areas for your development, depending on your one-off or recurring needs.

  • MarketingYour marketing mentor will suggest an action plan, centered around your customer and focused on your objectives. Pragmatic, focused on ROI (return on investment), minimizing expenses. From strategy to campaign optimization.
  • FinancialYour financial mentor will help you in your financing projects, will help you manage your cash flow, in the overall financial analysis of your company and in the construction of your BP.
  • Human resourcesYour HR mentor will define with you the positions and profiles for your future recruitments, will set up a guideline for internal processes and will help you with the management of soft skills.
  • TechnologicalYour technological mentor will help you challenge your technical IP, your architecture, the organization of your team and the product roadmap.
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Rise Partners Team

Your partner for growth

Our vision: to help entrepreneurs launch their startup and meet each new challenge. 

Our goal: a serene hypergrowth.

An ideal ecosystem

How to prepare a young innovative company for strong growth and how to find funding?


Experienced mentors

A team of mentors with a very strong knowledge of the issues in your sector.

Complementary experts

Our experts each have a different area of ​​expertise. They advise you and help you make the right decisions.


Extended network

The network is a springboard, so that each step of your project is faster and more efficient.

Discover the success stories

The Scale program allowed me to structure my business and the development of my project by anticipating my future growth and the needs associated with it.

Founder at SEECLY

Rise Partners brought us its network and ecosystem. The SCALE program allowed us to have tailor-made support on the development and acceleration of GOMECANO in addition to a preparation and follow-up on our fundraising.

Alexandre Nivesse & Mathias Boutsen
Founders at

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