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09 Mar 2022

Launch of Rise Impact

The year 2022 promises to be very rich in new features for our Rise Partners ecosystem, since we are adding an IMPACT dimension to our support programs at the beginning of the year.

Since its creation, Rise Partners has been financing and supporting companies selected on many criteria. Among these criteria, impact has always been present but we now want it to be part of each startup's mission.

Eventually, all our companies will have to have among their 3 main objectives, the impact, the search for energy neutrality or an objective related to the compensation of their activity on Earth.

Beyond this impact objective, Rise Partners aims to:

  • Encourage and support new models of impactful business based on innovation
  • Define measurable and meaningful impact indicators to assess the progress and involvement of companies
  •  To highlight the social responsibility of each company

More and more investment funds are looking at the impact of startups and these indicators are an additional argument to be refinanced.

 Companies with long-term environmental and social policies attract investors, reassured by a solid management of the company and taking into account a more global and long-term vision of their business. These companies break the chain of short-termism whose profitability always ends up running out of steam.

Some investment funds go even further by financing only impact startups.

Tomorrow's companies will either be impact-oriented or they won't be. That's why we are committed to helping them set up standards, alternative production methods, and alternative solutions from the very beginning of their adventure, in order to perpetuate their business while respecting our planet.

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Sarah Lefebvre - Chargée de communication
Jehanne Borromei - Manager en stratégie
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