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Rise Partners helps startup founders at every step of their development to make them grow further and faster.

Supporting companies

A team of experts to help you grow

Rise Partners provides you with a team of mentors with experience in your industry, specifically selected to tackle your challenges and boost the growth of your company. We are strategic advisors, coaches and business partners that will help you validate your business model, fasten your growth and make you maintain a sound lifestyle and mindset to reach your next milestones.

3 key assets for your growth

Executive and financial partner

Rise Partners provides you with experienced executives to help you develop your business and help you make the right decisions.

Tech and digital partners

Our team helps you to orient your marketing, digital and technology strategies to reach your targets. We provide you with an extensive network of skilled experts to facilitate your growth.

Coach and mindset

Starting a company is a marathon, not a sprint! As a founder, you are much more efficient by maintaining a good balance between your private and professional lives. Our coaches, who you can meet every month, will support you with this tricky challenge.

I strongly recommend working with Rise Partners. Actually, the team showed a lot of dedication to the development of our company and brought us its professionalism, experience, know-how, outstanding reactivity, as well as its appropriate soft skills and team spirit.

Julien NEGRI

President, AQUA-MODULE


Your customers are your first source of financing, but to speed up the process, you sometimes need more: our experts support you in defining your financial strategy from the very beginning of your project.

Funding to go further

  • StrategyWe help you design a financial strategy for your business.
  • Financial engineeringWe assist and set up with you the most relevant key financial indicators for your business model.
  • FundingWe help you secure the funding your company needs to sustain its growth.
  • NegotiationsWe support you during the negotiations for your funding deals.

The support provided by Rise Partners is exhaustive: business strategy, marketing strategy, financial strategy and backing of the founder. A true asset to grow with great confidence.


Co-founder, INFRAOPS


We offer you inter-company training to boost your projects by developing your skills at a lower cost.

Building your business plan

  • Getting the right approach
  • Modeling the company’s financial statements to evaluate the consequences of the strategic decisions
  • Evaluating the profitablity and credibility of the forecasts and secure an optimal funding for the chosen strategy
  • Layouting the business plan and selling it to partners and funding providers

Learning to pitch: learning to get to the point in 3 minutes

  • Mastering the topic perfectly
  • How to boost my self-confidence
  • Storytelling instead of project pitching
  • Integrating an elevator pitch within a speech

International development

  • Studying the different markets and cultures
  • Allocating the required human and financial resources
  • Finding the right partners

Motivation & commitment of the teams

  • How to develop commitment and motivation in the team by re-thinking the coworker experience

Shared executive

An experienced executive specializing in marketing, finance, human resources… is at your and your team’s disposal to bring you an efficient and accessible expertise.

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