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INTERVIEW Success Story: Pauline Marmoyet, founder of SEECLY

2 min de lecture
22 Sep 2021

With SEECLY, Pauline Marmoyet intends to revolutionize the optical sector since this platform offers the purchase and sale of second hand glasses, all adjusted to the buyer's eyesight and 100% reimbursed by the social security!

What are its plans for SEECLY? What will be the purpose of its very first fundraising? What role did Rise Partners play in its development? These are just some of the questions this interview will answer:

What is SEECLY ?

Pauline: SEECLY is the first website on which you can buy and sell frames that you no longer wear. Once you have sold your frame, it will first go through our workshop located near Aix-en-Provence, where we will repair and adapt them to the buyer's eyesight if he or she requests it. Then, he will be able to get reimbursed since the site is approved by social security and mutual insurance companies.

You have just obtained a global financing of 300.000€, what are your plans for the future?

Pauline: This fundraising will allow us to improve our website, to equip it with a virtual fitting room and to have more budget to deploy its notoriety on a larger scale. Our ambition is to offer the largest catalog of branded frames for 40 to 70% of their usual price.

You have been accompanied by Rise Partners, via the START program, what did it bring you?

Pauline : The START program allowed me to better structure my project through a business plan. It also allowed me to better anticipate the costs necessary to deploy SEECLY's reputation. And finally, I was able to meet my first investors because at the end of the program I carried out my first fundraising.

Would you recommend the START program, and why?

Pauline: Yes, I recommend the START program 200%! It allowed me to save precious time in the development and structuring of my project, since throughout the program we are surrounded by experts, each in their own field. And finally, it gave me access to an ecosystem that is difficult to penetrate when you are not in the business.

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Sarah Lefebvre - Chargée de communication
Jehanne Borromei - Manager en stratégie
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