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The "Success Story" Interview: presented by Alexandre Nivesse and Mathias Boutsen

2 min de lecture
29 Oct 2021

With a recent fundraising of 2 million euros, Alexandre Nivesse and Mathias Boutsen are in full expansion and intend to strongly develop their concept of home mechanics throughout France.

Accompanied since 2019 by Rise Partners as part of the Scale Program, these two ambitious founders come back in this interview on their adventure, their projects and the strategic importance of Rise Partners' support.

Watch the full video interview and transcript below. in a few words

GOMECANO was founded by Alexandre Nivesse and Mathias Boutsen in 2019.

Mathias Boutsen is a mechanic by trade and has been passionate about cars since he was very young. At GOMECANO, he is in charge of the operational part of the company.
Alexandre Nivesse is in charge of the strategic dimension of the company and has a background in commerce and management.

What are the advantages for motorists?

GOMECANO aims to simplify car repair for all users, private individuals or professionals for all types of thermal or electric vehicles.

The values of GOMECANO are speed, flexibility, simplicity, proximity and trust between the mechanic and the customer.

GOMECANO's assets are: trust, expertise and commitment.

After raising 2 million euros, what are GOMECANO's plans?

The aim of this fundraising is to deploy GOMECANO throughout France and to hire the profiles needed to manage these deployments. These funds will also allow the company to structure itself to secure their actions and train the "Gomecanists" in parallel to the new mobilities.

What has the Rise Partners Scale program done for you?

Rise Partners, with its Scale program, has clearly brought its network and its ecosystem. The program also allowed us to benefit from a tailor-made support for the development and acceleration of GOMECANO, as well as a follow-up throughout the fund raising.

Feel free to find the answers of the two founders in this video.

Contacts presse
Sarah Lefebvre - Chargée de communication
Jehanne Borromei - Manager en stratégie
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