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Tech trends 2022

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16 Fév 2022

At the beginning of this year, many articles have been written about the 2022 tech trends.

In front of the multiplication of papers all more interesting than the others, the Rise Partners team has compiled the 5 tech trends of 2022 that we think are unavoidable (and that we will really hear a lot about...).

  1. AI in all its forms

Ok, but what is Artificial Intelligence? It's simply a machine learning algorithm, allowing to make predictions. Globally, the idea is to make our life easier (even if sometimes we have the impression of the opposite) but the counterpart is the exploitation of data (yes, there is nothing without anything).

Artificial Intelligence has already started to invade our lives and our tools, and this trend will continue in 2022, with its democratization and application in many fields.

Great prospects in the health sector are expected in 2022 with assisted operations, smart prostheses, optimization of teleconsultations and analysis of patient data to propose new personalized treatments.

AI will allow a large majority of people to access technologies, to generate code simply, in short to popularize computer science... which is good news since we will have a shortage of computer scientists, developers, data analysts and other technical skills from 2022.

The increase in the use of AI will further push the issue of regulation, data collection, management and governance, our second point.

  1. Governance and data protection / cybersecurity

Data protection (especially health data) is becoming a geopolitical issue and the question of the sovereign cloud is now being asked. In the era of globalization, countries are realizing that technological dependence and different data regulations in each country are two dangerous elements. 

The risks of data transfers and exploitation outside Europe or storage by non-European companies are issues that companies that are going digital will have to continue to face in 2022. 

They will also have to equip themselves to avoid the increasing number of cyber-attacks. 

The big trend among hackers? attacking collaborative tools whose messages may contain sensitive data and attacking supply chains, their new playground.

  1. The metaverse

The covid has accelerated other ways of working, such as remote, and has paved the way for the use of new virtual technologies for meetings, trade shows and other events. Facebook's announcement of Meta confirms that 2022 will plunge us a little deeper into virtual and mixed reality.

The metaverse models our real world to offer immersive experiences. If for the moment these experiences are basic, and if we don't expect real metaverse experiences before 2023 or even 2024, the manufacturers aim to offer us olfactory and tactile experiences... we are waiting to see... well to feel.

Many brands are already positioning themselves in the metaverse to offer futuristic e.commerce, such as Nike, Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton.

According to Morgan Stanley, brands could potentially generate an additional $50 billion in revenue by 2030 via the metaverse.

Companies wishing to position themselves in this virtual universe will have to turn to gamification strategies in collaboration with gaming platforms. They will thus propose immersive experiences in the form of video games, allowing a playful learning or an adhesion to the brand in a more attractive way.

  1. Renewable energy and impact management

It is clear that the urgency is to reduce carbon emissions and the growth of renewable energy. 

While 2021 was an exceptional year for renewable energy deployment, it will not be enough to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

Green hydrogen is the new underdog in the energy sector and is poised for a major boom in 2022. Hydrogen is expected to meet 15-20% of the world's final energy demand in 2050.

Finally, Helion Energy - a pioneer in the field of fusion energy, which replicates the process used to create energy in the sun - plans to commission its latest prototype fusion generator in 2022. 

A good outlook for the green energy sector, even if carbon neutrality still seems unattainable in the short term...

  1. Hyper AUTOMATION & Digital Transformation

In 2021, the digital transformation of companies was at the heart of the concerns of companies (and will still be in 2022). This year, automation will be the sinews of war, especially in the e-commerce sector. 

In particular, supply chains will use AI and new technology developments to gain efficiencies and accelerate their development. 

This digitalization is crucial to keep its market shares or to conquer them. 

Hyperautomation associated with AI will also be applied to other themes such as customer service, in order to predict and generate actions, prepare personalized offers, and reduce customer service response time. A gain in efficiency and a continuous improvement of the customer journey.

In general, automation will allow a company's workforce to focus on higher value-added tasks.

The digital transformation will also involve data collection and analysis in order to refine customer consumption and optimize inventory and logistics.

Data analysts have a bright future ahead of them.

  1. On the Fintech side, confirmation of DeFi and BNPL

DeFi has grown by leaps and bounds in 2021 to $200 billion (total value). 

For the uninitiated, DeFi, also known as decentralized finance, is a set of financialapplications that allow citizens to free themselves from banks, insurance companies and other institutions to conduct financial transactions. They can borrow and trade directly without intermediate costs, using blockchain technology and smart contracts

DeFi is meant to be flexible, fast, free and fair. All financial services associated with DeFi are found on a network called Ethereum. This network is the second largest cryptocurrency marketplace.

The explosion of DeFi is therefore a trend that should be confirmed in 2022 with the development of blockchain on many financial products and the rise of cryptocurrencies. The typology of DeFI clients should thus diversify: traders, institutions and investors will be able to take advantage of this technology applied to finance.

The BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) concept has been growing in 2021 and will continue to grow in 2022, due to its popularity with both consumers and merchants. This innovative split payment solution allows consumers to purchase a consumer product by paying later, over several installments.

If you liked this article but you feel a little bit too little, we advise you to read Hervé Druez's excellent article on the upcoming trends, very complete!

David Chapon - Co-founder of Rise Partners and Marketing Expert

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