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Last update: October 8. 2019

The present cookie policy (thereafter called the “Cookie Policy”) relates the different kinds of cookies used by our Website (thereafter called the “Website”) and the way you can manage them.

Privacy matters a lot to us and we commit ourselves to be as transparent with you as possible about the technologies we use on this Website.

The data collected through these cookies is personal, which means that our Privacy Policy is applicable to them and will complement the present Cookie Policy.

1. About cookies

A “cookie” is a small text file containing data stored by a Website on a computer or a mobile application on a user’s smartphone.

Cookies give the possibility to identify you and memorize several data in order to ease your navigation on a website/mobile application, ensure it works better and faster, for instance by storing your language preferences.

2. What kind of cookies we use and why?

We use several kinds of cookies, for many reasons:

Cookies that are necessary (session cookies)

These cookies are necessary for you to navigate on this Website or are strictly necessary in order for us to provide you with the services you request. Deleting these cookies can lead to a more difficult navigation. We do not recommend that you block them.

Cookies used for analytics

These cookies allow RISE PARTNERS to get statistics about the way our Visitors use our Website. We use this data to analyze these statistics, aiming at improving your user experience.

This data is also transferred to the following third parties:

  • Google (Google Analytics)

You can choose to block these analytics cookies by opting out on the cookie-consent banner located on the bottom of the page when you enter our website.

3. How can you set up these cookies?

You can easily delete, deactivate or caper cookies on our Website at any moment by setting up your web browser parameters.

Each web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) has its own way to configuring cookies. To know more about how you can set your browser up, please visit this websit:

If you use several computers, smartphones or tablets, please make sure that each device is set up the way you want in terms of cookie management.

4. Will this Website still work without cookies?

You will still be able to visit the pages of this Website, though some functionalities might not work as they should.

5. Any question?

For any further information about our cookie policy, please send us an email:

We use cookies

By clicking "I agree", you accept the tracking cookie (Google Analytics) installed by this website. You can also opt-out of this cookie and continue to browse this website without transferring any personal information to third parties.